What a few of my lovely clients say about me!
I’ve been a client of Scratched for a couple of years now and have never failed to be impressed with the things Janis can do with my nails. I have been in to see her with bleeding stumps from my revolting nail biting habit and walked out with perfectly long, beautifully French manicured nails…. Not only are they gorgeous, but they do last. It never ceases to amaze me when I look through the pictures of things that Janis has done on a set of nails, it really is an art form.
Aside from the nails, I feel obliged to mention the lady that’s runs the show.
As well as being completely professional and brilliant at her work, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She makes you feel welcome, relaxed and at home. She is fun, funny and at times bordering on being utterly bonkers, but that’s why I love her.
I cannot recommend Janis or her services highly enough. 10/10. Esme 


Having a manicure is, for most people, a great treat, but Janis raises it to another level. She is a lovely bubbly lady whose positive attitude to life and its worries is refreshing in today’s cynical age. 
Rarely still herself, she has a very calming affect on others and one always comes away greatly cheered. If you want to see the funny side of life, and be pampered at the same time, then Janis is to be recommended.   She has taken care of my nails now for over 3 years, and I wouldn’t  use anyone else.  Caryl

You could set our clocks by her as she turns up at your door

Cases full of bright gels and gems is only part of what she has in store
You nails she will transform, at the very least
Her name is Janis and she wields the fastest nail file in the East

Now Janis will brighten your day
With tales of dance and wahey
As your toes she pampers and hands bedazzles
With colours and art it's never too much hassle

They call her Janis (Jaaanisss)
And she wields the fastest nail file in the East

Now Janis has another string to her bow
Your pale skin she'll tan to give you a special glow
Paper undies she'll provide and away she goes
She even sprays your tiny toes

They call her Janis (Jaaanisss)
And still she wields the fastest nail file in the East

From two happy customers
Trish and Kay
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